Entranceway (100 doors)

Posted on 04/03/14
A photo of Entranceway (100 doors)

It’s been a crazy month here at ICS Visual Creative Agency. We had recently been short 1 member of our team as our Social Media Director Jon had broken his leg in early February. This has made things a bit tighter at the agency for deadlines etc. Since then I haven’t had to much time to do any blogging. I figured I would at least sneak in some time to post an older photography project that I had not yet published on my photography project page.

This project is entitled “Entranceway”. The idea for this project came to me when I was walking to work in Uptown Saint John. I had always admired the unique doors and entrance ways I encountered along my early morning and late evening walks. I began to photograph the most interesting ones I saw and this project is a culmination of them all.

In total there is 100 Doors featured in the final collage which is a 24×36 inch print. You can still order prints of the final collage and also any of the other door photos by contacting me on my contact page at https://mikecapson.com/contact.

Go view the complete gallery here.