iPhone Photography

The best camera is the one thats with you.

The iPhone 5 was when I really started to use the camera on these phones seriously. It was always with me, was decent quality output, and was a lot more inconspicuous then lugging around a DSLR. Fast forward a few years and the technology in mobile phones has grown exponential. Most have a wide and tele lens built in, have decent resolution, shoot 4k video, and make posting images online a breeze. Its really changed the way I shoot a lot of my personal work. Paired with easy to use editing programs like VSCO its really going to be a wild ride into the next few years to see what these pocket cameras can do.  All of these images were shot exclusively on my iPhone.

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  • iPhone 5
  • iphone 6
  • iPhone 7+
  • Iphone 8+


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