Photographs of Florida

Photographed by Mike Capson

Florida, home of the renowned "Florida Man". I'm not saying that Florida is full of crazies, but its not empty of them either . I've grow a love/hate relation with Florida; on one hand Disney World is pretty awesome (big fan of Epcot), on the other hand, driving in Florida will make even the most easygoing people transform into an early version of our ancestors.

Even though Florida is a mix of incredibly awesome people, the nut-bars and bath-salt hipsters are awake from their hibernation. In contrast the landscape and weather in Florida is a god-send. Here is a collection of stock photos of Florida that I have taken from various trip there over the years.

All of these photographs of Florida can be easily download for free by clicking on the image and using the Pay What You Want form. I also will give 25% of the amount you choose to The Saint John Community Food Basket. Don't be cheap, grab a pic and help feed some hungry people.

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