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Photographs of Prince Edward Island

Photographed by Mike Capson

This is a gallery of stock photographs of Prince Edward Island, Canada. I spent many summers on the island. I often reminisce about the pleasant childhood memories that my family and I shared there. I try and make it a habit to get back to the island each year with my kids however we have missed a few years now.

My Grandmother was born and raised on Prince Edward Island. She was a Gallant. A french heritage family who lived in a petite farmhouse in O'leary, PEI. She is older now and suffers from dementia. She often forgets a lot of things but as soon as you mention anything related to her hometown she lights up with this amazing electricity. You can see literally see it in her eyes like a firework. She has an untouchable memory for her island.

All of the images in this gallery can be download by clicking on the image and using the Pay What You Want form. I give 25% of the amount you choose directly to The Saint John Community Food Basket.