Ice Fishing on The Kennebecasis River

Once the water freezes on the Kennebecasis River it is usually just a short time afterwards that fishing shacks begin popping up on the freshly frozen ice. This is a photograph taken just before sun set over the mountains creating sharp shadows against the fishing shacks. The frame was taken standing on the edge of the Kennebecasis River and towards the end of Cameron Road.

This image is available to be purchased as a digital download or as a print. You can purchase prints on Society 6 here or a digital download here.

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  1. Mary (Ecclestone) Benson

    Mar 20, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    I lived in East Riverside in the 1940’s. I was a little kid then and we would go ice fishing for smelts. A fishing shanty was a luxury and most of the fishing holes were marked by spruce trees, I remember when someone caught a dogfish. We threw it back pretty quickly. We did not fish near the Ministers Face as the current over there was so strong and we were afraid of thin ice.


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